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Perhaps you’re already noticing it: the top-down style of sales management is proving less and less effective. Taking a firm and authoritative “command and control” approach may work for short bursts, but in the long run, it has diminishing returns. It tends to stop working as soon as you turn your back. You can grind your sales team for only so long before burnout, frustration, and resentment begin to negatively impact the bottom line.
The answer is to stop being a sales manager and become a sales leader! Inspire your team to succeed by showing how much you:
    • Care about them and their success
    • Value their contributions
    • Are committed to their career and personal development

  • Instead of a model that forces contributions, Chuck helps you to create a collaborative one that fosters independence, respect and results. 
Chuck calls it “connect-and-collaborate” culture and “transformational leadership.” Let him help you:
  • Show the team you’re more invested in their success than in just meeting goals
  • Reinforce that one person’s win is everybody’s victory
  • Inspire them to achieve – and to want to achieve
  • Empower them to take initiative and return results
  • Use individual attention to strengthen the whole
  • Develop fully engaged employees who come every day ready to climb
With Chuck’s transformational leadership strategy, you’ll be building a sales team that’s as invested in succeeding as you are because everyone is united behind a common goal – and behind the manager who respects them.

Develop fully engaged employees who come to work every day ready to climb

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